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My art work do not try and steal this art work. If you try ill hunt you down!




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Donald Trump stared in the mirror and ran his fingers through his beautiful fake locks. He opens up a magazine and instead of pictures of his wife were pictures of his hair taped over his wife. He kisses the pictures, but stops when he hears a knock on his door.

"Honey are you okay?" It's his wife he quickly put away his magazine and cleared his voice.

"I'm fine dear." he shouted his wife walked away and he could hear the sound of shower running. He quickly took off his toupee and places it on his desk and pulls out a Fifty Shades of Grey. He kisses the toupee.

"Together my love we will win this presidency." he whispered and his hair began to vibrates.

"We will build a wall around those darn dirty Mexicans." his hair said as Trump began to read the book and his hair continued to make more racial slurs. The next day Trump stood in front crowd of his ignorant followers.

"And together my wife and I will build a wall around Mexico." he said and instead of grabbing the waist of his wife he pulls off his toupee and kisses it. The crowd cheers at the sight while his wife stares at him with shock.

"We will rid this country of all the foreigners!" the hair shouts the crowd cheers grow louder at the comments made by the toupee while Trump and his beautiful wife are dragged off stage. In the crowd Obama stares at the retreating figure of Trump with a blank expression.

"So this is what the country has come to." he says before disappearing into the shadows.
Preston Garvey by vally12
Preston Garvey
I recently became a fallout fan and I had to draw this man. I must admit his nose is a bit weird, but meh he looks fine anyways. (For those who can't read my handwriting it says Another settlement needs your help.)
Tumblr by vally12
Drawing used for my english ad project. I'm really happy with how she turned out.
Lori by vally12
I'm practicing drawing facial placement and hair. I ended up creating her! I call her Lori.
Flower by vally12
I decided to mess with the muro thing again and draw this rose like flower.
Hello everyone! I have returned from being inactive for a long time and i will let you know my art skills are still the same but now i can draw flowers. So expect many flower drawings from now on and im glad to be back.


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I sit around and play video games, I'm normally very stressed about many things its not very fun. I love my friends to death and I hate it when others cause them any trouble. Fun fact I'm surprising good at accounting.


My da family:
:iconflamenphoenix1915: my older sister who is awesome :icontailsdollplz:

:iconashisthename: I don't know what she would be sister probably:iconglompplz:
:iconpsychopandabear: my younger sister :iconhugplz:
:iconripper51512067: my older sister who I trust with my life :iconstephanobrofistplz:
:iconkeshacat: my fantabulous cousin :iconspazhugplz:
:iconamanadanicole: My other sister :iconhuggleplz:

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